Poster Message Service PMS

Interaktive Installation 2008

Computer, Mobile-Telephone-Receiver, Software, LCD-Screen 40Zoll

Book08 14. - 16.11 2008 / Basle
Sphéres Bar Buch Bühne 12.9. - 16.10.2008 / Zurich
ArtBox 25 Railwaystation Thalwil platforms 4/6 26.1. - 24.3. 2008 / Zurich

PMS -> auf
PMS -> alle empfangenen Nachrichten-Animation

Konzipiert für ArtBox 25 präsentiert sich die neueste Arbeit des Zürcher Künstlerduos Baggenstos/Rudolf unter der leicht ironischen Bezeichnung Poster Message Service. Der Name ist Programm. Die beiden Screens dienen hier ausnahmsweise nicht als teuere Werbetafeln sondern als Projektionsfläche für alle ankommenden SMS, MMS und Mobil-Filme, die auf die Nummer 0798 44 10 33 geschickt werden. Ähnlich wie in früheren Arbeiten konzentriert sich die Aufmerksamkeit der beiden KünstlerInnen ganz auf die Möglichkeiten und Erscheinungsformen verbaler und nonverbaler Aspekte moderner Kommunikation. PMS macht die Kommunikation im öffentlichen Raum für jeden möglich. Dabei wird die fliessende Grenze zwischen öffentlicher und privater Kommunikation sichtbar. Die Wahl der Themen sowie die Form der Nachricht bleiben jedem selbst überlassen. Der reduzierte Raum – beschränkt auf zweimal einen halben Quadratmeter pro Mitteilung – eröffnet dennoch ein weites Spielfeld und lädt jede BetrachterIn zum Mitspielen ein.

Poster Message Service mainly consisted of two 40 inches flat screens. Passer-bys could send SMS, MMS and mobile phone videos to these screens. A description illustrated how and to which number passer-bys could send messages that were subsequently to appear on the screens. Once a new message arrived the old one was replaced by the new one. Pictures, videos or SMS were displayed without any censorship during a minimum duration of two minutes and a maximum duration of five minutes. If there were no new message after five minutes, older messages were displayed randomly until a new message would arrive. With the two screens we wanted to motivate passer-bys waiting for a train or other people who knew the phone number to become visible and to speak out on a general public. Once you knew the telephone number you could send messages to the screens at any time and from any place. For us, this constituted an experiment with which we could observe how such an opportunity was used and what kinds of contents were created. Can these messages create a contrast to the ever-present advertisement pictures and slogans? For a second and third implementation of the project we chose different places and different contexts for PMS. The lounge in Sphères, a coffee shop in Zurichs Westend, offered the opportunity of taking over two permanently installed monitors for PMS for the duration of one month. The monitors are usually used for live TV coverages of soccer matches or events such as the election of the Federal Council. Sphères is a coffee shop, a bar and a bookshop with an integrated cultural enterprise, the stage. It offers space for hanging out, for reading and for various events. The same building also hosts the weekly newspaper WOZ. For two days PMS was installed in the middle of the book fair BucH.08 in Basel. The international book and literature festival invited guests from Switzerland and abroad and is a leading national event for books and literature. The annual Swiss books award is also hosted by the festival. The phone number for PMS and the text: LiveReadWriteSend were stamped on each visitor ticket when visitors validated their tickets.
Text: Irina Starmanns (translation: B.Kopainsky)